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The Enhanced Day Program apply a person-family-centered approach for the individual that you care for!  We are proud members of your extended family and support system.

Day Program Information

Available Monday to Friday (9:00am to 3:30pm).  Early drop-off can be arranged as early as 8:00am.
Individualized Plans
Individual plans are created for each participant who attend our day program.  The more information we have on the individual, the better equipped we are to provide understanding and support for their needs.  Where do we get this information from?  We rely on medical diagnosis and assessments from medical professionals, behaviour support plans from behavioural therapists, family/caregiver notes and our observations during the first few weeks of attendance.  With this information we are able to individualize care plans that include an eating and hygiene plan, behaviour management plan and life enrichment plan.  This information is shared with every worker who supports the individual at the facility, to ensure everyone has a better understanding of the participant and their needs.
Daily Structure 
We encourage consistency with daily routines through the use of an activity schedule, consistent daily lunch & snack breaks and drop off/ pick up times.Tools we use to support individuals maintain a consistent routine include visual support systems, calendar of daily activities, iPads, PECS, sign language.  The sports and recreational activities we plan promote a healthy lifestyle, social inclusion and most importantly  fun for participants.  
Life Skills
Life skill enrichment is individualized and based on the abilities and goals of each participant.  Some of the tasks we build on with participants include self-care skills, housekeeping tasks, sorting, literacy and an internship program to build employable skills.  Life skills promote independence.  Independence is different for each person, however the sense of accomplishment for everyone is rewarding.
Stimulating Activities
Programming activities such as arts & crafts stimulates creativity while building on motor and cognitive skills.   Participants are proud to display their weekly themed masterpieces throughout the facility before taking them home. Group activities in the gym promotes social inclusion and physical stimulation.  Sometimes the gym is used to allow the individual to run, hop, walk, sit or dance in a big open space.  Individuals who need smaller group involvement have opportunity to choose other activities.  We feel its important provide one-to-one support to each participant, whether its through personal care, help with activities or just spending time doing an activity of interest.  When a participant chooses to have quiet time to self regulate themselves, we have a variety of space around the facility with floor mats, rugs, day beds also a designed space in our snoozelin room with dim lighting and comfortable seating.
Social Skills
We support a variety of participants who have strong verbal skills as well as those who have no verbal skills.  We encourage the use of direct speech, when possible; as well as the use of augmentative and alternative communication (ACC).  ACC includes sign language, gesturing, PECS, touch screen devices, speech-generating systems, electronic keyboards and smart phones.  
During the work skills internship program, participants will learn and practice "soft" skills used in the workplace, not just relate job skills, but also social skills and rules of a work environment.  Our participants who are enrolled in this program have learned with practice, to use appropriate greetings, to initiate interactions and respond to co-workers, understand and respect boundaries, ask questions when they need help or clarification,a accepting suggestions/ corrections from others and patience during frustrating situations.
Sports and Exercise
The center is equipped with a gym, where participants enjoy playing various games and sports such as group exercise, basketball, soccer and yoga & stretching.  Participants who wish to do light exercise have access to mats for stretching, a treadmill or stationary bike.  All participants are encouraged participate in some physical activities, even if the activity is modified to fit their ability.
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