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We offer transportation services to and from the center, for those living outside of the Durham Transit System, available for full time participants.  Additional fees apply.

Transportation Services is a highly sought-after service.  Space is limited to those who qualify to receive transportation to and from the day program facility. Participants must be able to “ride safe”, stay seated during the entire drive, able to wear a standard seat belt and comprehend safety rules.   Pickup/ drop off location must be within the existing driving route.  Enhanced Day Program Inc. will only pick up and drop off its participants from set location as per our agreement.   Riders must be able to safely enter and exit the vehicle independently. The Transportation Service operates as a separate service from the Day Program Supportive Services.  It is the responsibility of the individual/ family/ caregiver to ensure attendance to the day program on a daily basis.

Early registration is required for this service.  Space is limited.

How to register?  

  1. Speak to us about your transportation needs.

  2. Complete and submit the Transportation Agreement two weeks in advance.

  3. All transportation fees are billed at the same time as day programming fees.

  4. You will receive a receipt once payment is received.  Please keep copies for your records.


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