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Student Field Placement

Enhanced Day Program makes every effort to participate in the learning and mentoring of students interested in a fulfilling career in working with people with disabilities.  Student placements are growth opportunities for both the Center and the students.  

We accept students from academic programs such as Social Service Worker, Community Support Worker, Behavioural Science, Developmental Support Worker, Personal Support Worker, Child and Youth Worker, Art Therapy, Psychology, related programs and disciplines.  If you are interested in a field placement, however your program is not noted, please contact us to find out information on how you can fulfill your placement obligations with Enhanced Day Program Inc.


Why choose us for your field placement?

Students will:

  • complete a full orientation and will have the opportunity to get to know each participant before engaging in activities,receive receive mentorship during and after placement, 

  • gain practical experience,

  • develop and strength skills,

  • build relationships and make connections with people,  

  • learn about this field and the different types of disabilities, 

  • accept the value of diversity and differences,

  • learn about barriers and strategies to address them, advocacy and awareness,

  • will gain hands on experience as a direct support worker to youth and adults,

  • be involved in program planning,

  • accompany participants in off-site activities under staff supervision,

  • learn adaptive communication skills to be able to communicate with both verbal and non verbal individuals,

  • various approaches in how to foster engagement and independence with participants,

  • gain strong leadership skills by the end of placement,

  • practice self awareness, grow in personal maturity, 

  • have employment opportunities and a build resume,

  • increase their understanding and awareness of the world of work,

  • complete placement requirements during the day time in a fun environment with a supportive team.

Students will play a special role in building trusting relationships and creating a stress-free environment for the participants. 


What to expect?

Students will carry out their field placement responsibilities under the direct supervision of an experienced member of team, who will monitor the involvement with our participants, to ensure that the nature of the involvement meets our philosophy, field of study/program and student goals. Training is to be expected for the first few weeks of field placement.  Students will be expected to complete a comprehensive Health and Safety Training Program, AODA Training (Customer Service and IASR) and a review of our Policies and Procedures for their professional development. Certificates of successful completion will be provided.  We ask that students come prepared with their learning goals/plan and meet with their supervisor to ensure they are on track to meeting those outcomes.  Students are encouraged to bring their creativity and insight to the team and participate as an active member in our team environment.  Prior to commencing the field placement, students will be required to provide a Vulnerable Persons Screening from their local Police Department.

How to apply for a Student Internship?

Send us a your resume and cover letter to  You will be asked to complete a Student Application Form, followed by an interview invitation.  Please note only students that meet our requirements will be contacted for an interview.  

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