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Frequently Asked Questions

Does your Day Program accept people with one diagnosis such as Autism? 

Our day program is inclusive of all types of diagnosis, disabilities, physical limitations, cognitive impairments, developmental and behavioural challenges. We create an adaptive environment that is safe and inclusive for all our participants.   While a person's limitation requires attention, we start our relationship with getting to know their personality, interests and triggers.  Our daily routines is consistent as structure gives our participants peace in mind with clear expectations.  Our activities are in small group and individual.  Our staff are creative and are trained to be adaptive when with programming to include everyone.

Do you work with individuals who are non-verbal?

Yes, we do.  We work with a number of individuals that are non-verbal and communicate either with ASL, gestures or communication devices.

Do you accept individuals in diapers?

Yes, we do.  At least half of our participants wear diapers.  Some can independently change themselves and some require assistance.

Is the facility wheel-chair accessible?

Yes, it is.  The center was designed to wheel-chair accessible, safe and spacious for all individuals.  We have a lift and a private change area.

Where’s the center located?

Our center is located in the City of Pickering at Brock Road and Bayly Road.  One block south of Highway 401.

Does the center accept people outside of Durham Region?

Yes, we do!  Our location is close to Scarborough and one block from Highway 401.

What are your hours of operation?

Our day program is open Monday to Friday, starts at  9:00 AM and finishes at 3:00 PM.  Early drop off can be arranged if needed.  Participants are picked up no later than 3:30 PM, after that additional fees will be charged upon arrival.

Does the center open after 3:30PM. 

Our programming is closed at 3:30 PM, however we do have a late pick up option for additional fees. Space is limited and must be arranged in advance.  

What are the ages you accept into your program?

We run various programs for both youth and adults with special needs. Our Adult Day Program accepts adults from the age of 21 (high school graduates). Our Youth Programs accept youth from the ages of 14 to 20 years old.

When does the Youth Program open?

Youth camp is open during all school holidays such as P.A. days, March break, Summer break, Christmas holidays, etc.   

Program hours are from 9AM to 3:30PM.  Early drop off starts at 8:00 AM can be arranged.  Pre-registration opens 6-8 weeks in advance.  Space is limited.

How can I register/ hold a spot for my youth for the summer/March break/ Christmas/ PA days?

Our youth program fills up fast, in order to reserve a spot, you must complete the application and submit it with payment two weeks in advance of the start date.

Do you administer medication during the day? 

Yes, we do. Prescribed and over-the-counter medications must be accompanied with a Medication Administration Authorization Form. This is to advise us the appropriate dosage, time of administration, and expected side effects of the meds with the participant.


What type of activities do you do at the Day Program?

The Center is over 3500 square feet with 6 dedicated rooms/ space for planned activities.  We build individual and group daily and weekly schedules with various activities that focus on physical activity, cognitive skill, arts & crafts, communication and leisure.  Programming is customized and based on the individual’s learning, physical, cognitive ability and personal interests/ goals. Participants who belong to Work Experience Program have the opportunity to go to various local businesses as a team, to learn and practice  job skills, team work and appropriate behaviours that are desirable in the workplace.


Do you have transportation services?

Yes, we do.  Our transportation services are on a first come-first-serve basis. The radius in which we operate transportation services is specific and within our regular route. There are additional fees for transportation and participants must meet specific transportation criteria to be enrolled for this service.  Speak with Dan Hughes/ Akhia for details.


Do you do any offsite activities? 

Yes, we schedule outings in advance.  With your permission at during the registration process, we will take individuals into the community for short outings.  Walks in the park/ lake front; local shopping plaza/ mall; Coffee shop, etc.  Due to the various needs of each individual, we take small groups of 3-4 participants max. with 2 staff members to outings based on interest and safety. 

Is the Day Program government funded?

We are a fee-for-service provider. We accept Passport Funded participants as our Day Program is a “Community Participation Support”.  We also accept individuals who are privately funded and/or a combination of Passport and private funding to cover the total cost.  Call us to discuss your situation, we will find a solution to meet your needs.  


What is unique about your day program?

We are a family focused organization, valuing the needs of each family we work with. We accept all individuals into our day program regardless of their disability. We work with the parents/ caregivers to transition the individual from school or home into our day program.  We are strong believers in addressing isolation in our community.

We manage behavioural issues at the day program through individualized care plans, comprehensive training for staff, consistency with expectations, and effective communication.  

We understand parents/ caregivers have commitments during the day while the participant is at the center, therefore only when behaviours are severe or due to a medical emergency will we call you or when the participant request to be in contact during the day.  Otherwise, we will not send home, reject or terminate our day program services to any participant when they're having a bad day or going through personal hardship.  We do have expectations that family members communicate with us on a daily basis so we can gather information to better care for the participant during their time at the center.  

We work together with the participant’s financial budget to ensure they can maximize their time at the day program.  

We listen to the needs of each family and offer support beyond day programming needs.  Our President, Dan Hughes is an active member of the Accessibility Committee in the City of Pickering.  

What happens if the Day Program is full?

We do our best to accommodate each potential participant to ensure a quick and smooth enrolment.  When our program is full we will utilize a waitlist system.  The waitlist is reviewed on a frequent basis.  Participants will be contacted when there's an opportunity for an opening.  At that time, we may ask for an updated application, to have the most current information on the participant.  If we are not able to accommodate a potential participant's needs, we will do our best to provide local referrals.

Considering joining us?  All participants are encouraged to visit our center.  Book your tour today!  Call us at 905-492-9200 or email

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