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Connections Work Program

We have partnered with local businesses to offer participants the opportunity to learn specific skills.  Participants will not only learn a job skill, but also learn soft skills in the work place.


People need both employment skills and life skills to achieve their full potential. Professional staff members accompany our participants every step of the way at the work site.  Some off our participants do better with center-based work that is low-stress, and adapted to their skill level. While, others thrive in a community based setting, working in the community with the support of a job coach.  

This program is successful because local businesses have given our participants the opportunity to learn new work skills within their workplace.   We are grateful for these types of community relationships.  Our participants are willing and dependable adults who thrive in having a role to contribute.   

If you have suggestions or local businesses who are interested in partnering with us to provide these mutually rewarding opportunities, please let us know.  We are always seeking meaningful learning opportunities for our participants.

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