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We tailor our approach to fit the unique characteristics of each participant.  People often ask us if we work with individuals with specific needs such as individual that wear diapers or have mobility equipment or exhibit challenging behaviours or a speech impairment---Yes we do!  We will work with everyone at their level of ability.   

Together with the information from caregivers and other professionals, and information we gather through observation periods, we form a care plan specifically fitted for each participant. Our staff team will provide consistency with service delivery, helping the participant to feel secure and respected.  


While we provide support to the participant in the day time, we do want to be kept up-to-date on other areas of the participant's life outside of the day program (i.e. changes at home, lack of sleep, illnesses, medication change, death in the family, routine, etc.).   This information gives us a better understanding of the participant and what we can expect from them for the day.  We encourage parents and caregivers to openly discuss challenges and concerns, as we do our best to be flexible and accommodating while balancing excellent care and ensuring safety.  

Participants not only receive personal support throughout the day, they are engaged in a variety of programs led by our staff.  Activities at the day program are designed to inspire participants to use their skills.  We focus on language and communicating, building friendships and respect through socializing appropriately, using technology appropriately, attending to personal hygiene, practicing life skill tasks as well as problem solving by taking information and thinking.     For some people, participating in a specific activity is a goal to achieve over time. For others, these are opportunities to practice and build new skills and interests in a fun environment with peers.  We believe that participants have a right to and can make informed decisions when given a chance.  Our approach is to respect their decisions, to encourage participation and maximize independence where possible. We believe that there is opportunity each day to learn a new skill.  See our Weekly Program Schedule for more details.

The Enhanced Way

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